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Opportunities in Adversity

︎︎︎ a small contribution about working in food design in 2020 

Holes in Space

This series revisits an form study exercise where I was tasked with producing images using a hole puncher. In this edition, I study the limites of the hole puncher’s reach as a physical constraint in order to create a rationale for folding paper to create rythmic punctures and patterns.  

Braque Type

A typographic experiment using three shapes to create 26 letters of the english alphabet.


Trash Cam 

Trash Cam is an ongoing documentation of food packaging and food waste seen in Paris, Hanoi, San Francisco, New York, airports, and other international cities. Check out ︎ wastefutures for recent captures.

Portals/ Orbits/ Scape/ Holes/ Land

A limited edition publication in collaboration with Megan Lynch created for the SF Art Book Fair. Portals/ explores landscape form through abstract image-making.

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Eating Landscapes

Select plate-forms were exhibited at La Galeria de la Raza’s show, La Comida es Medicina.

Relationships between the hand, the food and the land 

Interview by the Dutch Institute of Food and Design.
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Past Futures, edible insect dinner 

This pop up event is a collaborative effort between me, Monica Martinez, and Illya Haro. In this collaboration, we were interested creating an eating experience that would create a dialogue for guests to taste pre-colombian ingredients with insects as sustainable protein futures.

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Hand. Food. Mouth. 

Hand. Food. Mouth is a publication about eating and wasting in the public domain. The work is composed of generative design research and various choreographies that map the relationship between the body and the meal.

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Project Update A second edition of this publication will be published in 2021 and made public for sale

Pocket Picnics

Prototypes for a wasteless future: Pocket Picnics is a series of plate-forms consumers can wear to mitigate the need for food packaging in the public domain.

    • MFA Design Thesis Show, 2018
    • FoodInno Symposium, 2018
    • Primer Conference, 2018

    • SF Art Book Fair, 2018, 2019
    • Otis Art Book Fair, 2018

Memory Plastique 

Memory Plastique is a choreography of hands and amalgamated plate-forms designed to elevate intimate eating gestures. This video performance inspired the narrative for the cumulative MFA Design thesis publication, Hand. Food. Mouth. 


Cradle is a plate-form exploration made from stacking leftover food packaging and overlaying it with clay. The interaction between hands and the newly formed plate impressions reveal ergonomic possibilities that activate both hands for engaging with the meal. 

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    • La Comida es Medicina, 2018
    • CCA Curator’s Award, 2018-2019
    • CCA Commencement Show, 2018
    • Craft of Use Exhibition, 2017

Lunch Mass 

Lunch Mass is a collection of people’s lunch food packaging aimed to highlight eating and wasting in the public domain. 

    • CCA Curator’s Award, 2018-2019
    • La Comida es Medicina, 2018
    • CCA Commencement Show, 2018
    • Craft of Use Exhibition, 2017

Avocado Haiku

8 reciepients were given an avocado, a paper and a cloth bag. After a week with their food, I collected the remains of the avocado (if any) from their cloth bag and asked each person to write a poem about the life cycle of their avocado. A food funeral was conducted right before thesis midterms. 


Hand Sandwich

The success of Sweet Space led to a return to host another edible experiment at the at The California Academy of Sciences. Hand Sandwich constrains guests to use their hand as a plate to assemble their museum snack. 

Sponsored by CCA MFA Design 

Sweet Space 

Sweet Space is an interactive food making activity for the annual CCA-hosted Nightlife event at The California Academy of Sciences. 100 edible dishes were created by guests at the night of the event. 

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Co-created with Yunwen Tu, food design
Sponsored by CCA MFA Design

et sens 

Sponsored by The Institute for the Future

et sens is a culinary mail-order service for consumers to reclaim sensory eating experiences using smells, textures and flavors from the past.

The concept is set in 2027 where tactile eating experiences are highly sought after due to rising temperatures, causing a world-wide decline of big agro.
    • The Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, 2017
    • Speculative Futures Meet Up, SF, 2017


Sponsored by The Institute for the Future

What if the local government mandated zero-food waste? What tools and services might we need to safely redistribute leftovers? In this design fiction, Probes imagines a suite of devices that help vendors sanitize and verify safe consumption of second-hand food. 

    • The Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, 2017
    • Speculative Futures Meet Up, SF, 2017


Sites Unseen

Prior to the earthquake in 1906, Strawberry Hill was a picnic destination with grand views of the Sand District. Today, little to no trace of the architecture remain at the Golden Gate Park. Sites Unseen is public interactive uses augmented reality to revive the fallen architecture, the Sweeny Observatory Colosseum.

AR installation
exhibited: Gray Area Technology, SF

Hybrid Phonics

STA 100 Awards

Hybrid Phonics is a multi-sensory transcription of 26 letters spoken in four languages. The goal of this experiment is to [de]construct the phonetic alphabet into a new graphic language that is both visual and audible.

5 interventions

5 Interventions is a publication about five sensory art installations that have taken place at the Barcelona Pavilion. Inspired by the architectural documents that have been used to rebuild the pavilion, this publication also serves a blueprint for publishing a website equivalent.

Language Posters

Studio Infographic is a poster series about languages students can speak, have studied and would like to learn.

︎︎︎ featured in Women of Graphic Design


is a web and print based index that organizes artists and designers based on ten elements of art and design. Taking inspiration from the Periodic table of elements, 10e organizes each artist (Ar) and designer (De) by prescribing 3 out of 10 elements that describe their work. 

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