updated on 08.05. 2018
Now on View
 La Tierra de Comida is featured in an exhibition La Comida es MedicinaThe work shown is are examples of eating rituals and explorations of the embodiment explored in my thesis, Hand. Food. Mouth.  
This work is on display at La Galeria de la Raza curated by Luz Calvo and Suzy González | August 04, 2018 - November 02, 2018
Lunch Mass will be on view at the California College of the Arts | 2018 - 2019
Raquel is creating a second version of her MFA Design book will be released at the end of this year. 
30 pieces of Fog Glass were distributed for consumption during the procession from Sea to Sutro with Future Farmers | August 4, 2018
Raquel made a small visual contribution to the second overprint Re, publication run by Beth Abrahamson. Re was sold at the SF Art Book Fair and at the OTIS Art Book Fair in LA |  July 20-22, 2018
 Fog Glass was presented during a Galileo Smoking Club session at YBCA with Future Farmers | July 8, 2018
Raquel, Alex Kozacheck, and Benner Boswell became 'Fog Bodies' with Future Farmers during the summer of 2018 at the Yerba Buena Arts Center |  April 20-August 12, 2018​​​​​​
Wasplates was presented at the third annual Food Inno Symposium | May 17, 2018 
*Wasplates was a collaboration with industrial designer, Benner Boswell.  
Lunch Mass received the Curator's Award during the 2018 Commencement Exhibition at the California College of the Arts. The Design Division was curated by Barry Katz and Kim Bennet. 
Raquel received her MFA Design degree from the California College of the Arts | May 12, 2018. 
Pocket Picnics and Wasplates* was exhibited as a Future Foods Exhibit during  PRIMER 18
a Speculative Futures Conference | May 4, 2018 |
*Wasplates was a collaboration with industrial designer, Benner Boswell