These graphics are part of a 9-week design research project that investigates the form and methods of eating. It interprets Manfred Max Neef's matrix of human needs as a way to generate insights from the interviews. 
Duration: 3 weeks, solo project. 
Skills: User Research
Class: Craft of Use
Instructor: Lynda Grose
snapshots of interviews (4 out of 15)
"If lunch was an elevated experience, I would respect it" -Max
Data Visualisation
individual needs
The Maxtrix of human needs highlights the following problems associated with users lunch habits: they have little to no time to prepare, they regard lunch as a function, they usually find and eat whatever is nearby, they're distracted while they eat their meal and often feel shameful and wish that they took better care of themselves around lunchtime. These results made me realize that there is an opportunity to instill new values in eating a meal…if we create an additional step to ‘lunchtime’ what would happen to the experience of eating?
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