This work is part of an on-going research for my thesis regarding food rituals and behavioral change. After the success of "Sweet Space," I was invited once again to create another eating experience for food-themed Nightlife event. For this opportunity, I wanted to explore the idea of consumer constraints. I interviewed food experts, Hailey Zou and Kelsey McNamara about portion control and learned that there is an opportunity to use semiotics to communicate a sense of 'control' when serving food. I translated my research into this public interactive. Guests use their hands as a unit of measure in order to assemble their sandwich. The goal of this experience is to communicate a mindful constraint about consumption and to be a little more cognizant of food waste.  This project took place on Nov 16, 2017, at the California Academy of Sciences. 
bite-sized promises
As guests waited to build their hand-sandwich, we asked them to write a small effort they could make to reduce their food waste. Their responses would be posted at the end of the night and then later used to assess some of the emerging themes people associate food waste with. 
After the event, 200 bite-sized responses were sorted into a chart (a condensed version is shown below) to highlight the emerging themes. The results from this experience are still being used to inspire new directions for my thesis on food rituals.