Decades of Innovation, 2019

Working alongisde art director, Megan Lynch, of frog’s brand and content team, we developed the identity for a global campaign and traveling exhibition that celebrates the company’s 50th anniversary. Below are select contributions I’ve made to the traveling exhibition.

designed at frog

design lead / Megan Lynch
campaign / Todd Taylor, Ariana Arbes, Ioni Gliati
editorial / Olivia Murphy
design production / Megan Lynch, Raquel Kalil, Sarah Moran...
timeline projection / frog Munich 
frog50 app / frog New York
interative window / frog San Francisco 

Decades of Design

The year began with our launch of a special issue of Quarterly Vol. 2 where the concept of directionality informed the identity and content: looking backwards, forwards, and into our future.

Identity Evolution

Beginning with Munich and ending in San Francisco, the identity of the traveling exhibition and campaign gradually evolved to feature select portfolio projects from each period.

Social Media

Event graphics were designed for frog’s instagram channel to construct a narrative about the events while also highlighting special exhibits throughout the studio space.

frog50 swag

Exclusive enamel pins were designed for guests, frogs and participants in the frog50 campaign. The three designs include the Yamaha Motorcycle, Apple monitor from the Snow White Language, and the LQD Palo.