Project Brief
The prompt was to create a photo-driven app that both a 75-year-old and a toddler could use together. The case study began by looking at various technology and screen sizes both markets use in order to understand how each of them might drive different parts of this family tale interactive. The research also included some of the technological and neurological limitations both markets might experience with interactive screens and used the findings to establish a visual language. This case study also used two family members who fit the age requirements for this assignment in order to test these designs
Duration: 3 weeks, solo project
Skills: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping 
Class: Interactive 2 Graduate Design Studio
Instructor: Maria Mortati
Designing for Two
Vienna age 4                                                                                                       Carl age 75
First Concept: Object Metaphor
Toddler finds an object around the house that corresponds to the family member in the photo. The grandparent is the storyteller, and the toddler is on a quest searching for heirlooms that match the family member in the photo:
Second Concept: The Storyteller
Using a character to guide the experience was well received by both users in that they had some kind of assistance curating the experience of finding people and recording memories of them.
Current Prototype
Based on feedback from peers, mentors and two users, the second concept which uses an animated character to enliven and guide the storytelling experience was pushed further. The prototype below was developed in Sketch and translated into a screen-based prototype using Principle.
In this latest version, parents preload family photos which are the same one's Toby discovers. Family Tales begins when Toby is seen swimming and collecting family photos onto his back. When Toby introduces himself, he asks for help identifying the people on his shell.
Narrative Building Activity
While the toddler navigates the screen, the grandparent helps the child identify family members in each photo. Toby encourages the two to record a story about that image. Toby, the grandparent, and toddler all work together to identify and record family tales within each image. Each photo is saved onto Toby's back where the duo can see and listen to later.