For as long as I can remember, I have always carried a Nikon camera, especially during family trips. When I inherited my first Leica, I was thrilled to use it for the next adventure, but I had to take a step back and study the manual. I noticed that the text and images were inconsistently aligned with each other which then inspired me to think about how this information is perceived by users.
READER | PROJECT DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Leica and the design solutions you see are strictly speculative and designed to solve the pain points of the current user guide.
Taking on the Modernist Style, this redesign transforms a condensed guidebook into a spacious booklet.
The text is structured into a horizontal grid which visually breaks down specific pieces of information rather than clustering into continuous columns. This new structure solves the problem of reading specific content in a clean, legible way. The images and the content are graphically arranged on the same page, avoiding confusion. Clearly marked red numerals correspond to the images within the same page.
The essence of the new typography is clarity 
- Jan Tschichold