Co-Creation Exercise

PARC, Innovation Services Group, 2018

During a 3-day workshop I designed and lead a co-creation exercise for our clients to brainstorm technology-embedded service concepts.

The goal of this activity was to address the impact oral-sensing experiences will have on people’s lives. The activity used props to immerse everyone in sensory experiences.
designed at PARC
Innovation Services Group/  Mike Kuniavsky, Mary Carol Mazza, Hsuan-Ting Wu, Slate Werner, Raquel Kalil

Beyond Our Walls 

Creativity Explored, Field Design Graduate Studio, CCA, 2018

In an advanced graduate design research course, we partnered with Creativity Explored to gain experience working with stakeholders, by planning and leading a design workshop. Our group created a brainstorming toolkit to help ideate public engaging activities. At the end of the semester, we presented our toolkit to three CE staff members to test our concept.

field design/ Andrea Moed
design team/ Yufan Jiang, Nanjiaxu Jiang, Raquel Kalil