Raquel Kalil is a latinx designer at frog design, specialising in visual systems for digital and physical experiences.

Outside of frog, she is the creative lead for Design Futures Initiative.

In her studio practice, she explores food futures through imagemaking and draws landscapes from her travels.

Raquel holds an MFA in Design from the California College of the Arts and a B.Des in Architecture from the University of Florida. 

This website features work from freelance positions and graduate school. Please reach out if you’d like to learn about my current UX work or just say ‘hello 👋’. 

📫  Email     🌈️  LN / IG / Dribbble

Awards, Press, Mentions

Guest Lecture / Presentations
    • Experience Design, taught by Shiraz Gallab, SUNY Purchase, 2020
    • Wild Hybrids, taught by Monica Martinez, CCA, 2019-2020
    • Food Futures, Speculative Futures Meetup, 2017
    • Food Futures, The Institute for the Future, 2017

Recent Exhibitions 
    • Alma Mater: Methods, Hubbell Gallery, 2019
    • CCA Campus Collection, 2018-2019
    • La Comida es Medicina, 2018
    • Food Inno Symposium 2018
    • PRIMER 18 Conference, 2018
    • MFA Design Thesis Show, 2018
    • O2 Artisans Aggregate, 2018
    • CCA Commencement Exhibition, 2016, 2018
    • Grey Area Technology, 2016
    • CCA Commencement Exhibition, 2016
    • The California Academy of Sciences, 2015-2017