et sens


CONTEXT: An engineered food, called Nutri Ba, monopolises the food system leverging nutritional value over sensorial eating experiences. et sens reclaims traditional eating experiences by re-introducing sensorial rituals that elevates the Nutri Ba meal. (ergo: et sens to Nutri Ba is what maple syrup is to pancakes).

CONCEPT: et sens is a culinary mail-order service for consumers to reclaim sensory eating experiences using smells, textures and flavors from the past. The concept is set in 2027 where tactile eating experiences are highly sought after due to rising temperatures, causing a world-wide decline of big agro.
Sponsored by The Institute for the Future

Instructors: Scott Minneman and Marykate Meyerhofer

Et Sens aroma therapy. Natural extracts from small farm
Nutri Ba doused in Et Sens aroma therapy