Generating Insights
As a first-year graduate student, I sought to translate my systems-thinking skills from architecture into different mediums. In Typography, I was tasked with creating a conditional book made from a list of words that were related to each other. I interpreted this challenge as a way to test how I might generate visual constraints with a list. The linguist inside of me was inspired by the graduate studio's cultural diversity, so I created a list of languages based on my findings from survey students answered. Using the respondent's answers, I began to uncover visual patterns that illustrated the relationship between people who speak the language another wishes to learn. 
Skills: Data Collection, Analysis, Typography
Class: Graduate Typography 2 with Megan Lynch
The following iterations focus on the qualitative data
Below is a book form that shows two sets of data extracted from the survey. The content on the left is a diagram of language lists generated by each respondent's answers. The color-coded content on the right is a collage of text that describes how long they have spoken each language listed in their survey. The text for each respondent is unique because each line is written in its native language. Each respondent arbitrarily color-coded their spoken language which is used to represent their language identity. 

Book + Poster Forms:
The current concept is a series of posters that list all the languages spoken by 30 individuals. Each poster is a collage of text which describes how long each respondent have spoken each of their languages. 
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