Probes is a case study about biomedical and food safety objects that might be used to sanitize and consume food leftovers.

Phase 2 of Food Waste Design
This project is an extended case study (see phase1: Dump Dining)which seeks to solve the problem of distributing of edible food waste. This case study was developed during the Actionable Matter studio, sponsored by the Institute for the Future. It was presented at the IFTF office in Palo Alto and was recently presented at Sutherland Labs in San Francisco during a Speculative Futures Meetup.  
Context: A scenario with constraints
In the second part of this food waste initiative, the government Food Agents collect, sanitize and distribute repackaged goods at Dump Dining locations set throughout the city during designated times of the day.
Food agents are trained food waste handlers who help Food Thrifters (low-income families) identify and sanitize their meals. Their mission is to facilitate safe distribution of expired food products in designated Dump Dining allocations.
Is your Dump Dining meal fresh/delicious/safe to eat?
examples of today's food probes
Futurist Artefacts
Probes are intended to set the standard of best practices for consuming expired food while maintaining a nutritional and balanced diet. There are six biomedical tools that Food Agents can use on site during Dump Dining pop-ups in order to facilitate safe food waste consumption:
Probes in use
Inside the Food Agent's Probe Kit
Branding for a Government Program
As a visual designer, this project gave me the opportunity to explore various techniques in order to create futurist artifacts that look and feel believable to its context. I explored several illustrations and typefaces that might best reflect what a government identity might look like. 
 Initial Concepts
Product Presentation
This project was presented at a Speculative Futures Meetup on August 16, 2017. The event was hosted by Sutherland Labs, SF. This presentation inspired further project development and new connections with food innovators within the Bay Area which will be updated in a new project post later this year. 
On April 26, 2017, this work, along with Dump DiningEt Sens, and Tak Tak, was presented at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto. I met with Sara Smith from the food futures lab and am planning to continue this conversation of zero waste design.

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