updated as of 02.23.2018
*Raquel, Alex Kozacheck, and Benner Boswell will be design fellows during Future Farmers exhibition at Yerba Buena Arts Center, April 20-August 12
*Raquel will be presenting work at PRIMER 18, a Speculative Futures Conference, May 3-5
*Raquel will be presenting her MFA Design Thesis work at the CCA End of Year Show, May 10-14
*Raquel and Monica Martinez will be collaborating with Tacolicious, date TBD 
*Raquel is working on her MFA Design Thesis regarding gestures and rituals for eating on the go. She will be presenting her latest developments and case studies on Saturday 2 pm, February 24 at the graduate studios at the California College of the Arts​.
*Raquel is a teacher assistant for Johannes Seemann's course: Design Research 
This studio introduces students to the theory and practice of various types of design research including human-centered qualitative and ethnographic methods geared toward pragmatic design applications.
*Raquel collaborated with Monica Martinez of Don Bugito to create innovative edible insect-eating experiences. Raquel designed and produced the visual language and prototypes for table-setting that challenged consumers to interact differently with the future of food. The pop up dinner took place on February 08, 2018 at the O2 Artisans Aggregate. 34/40 tickets were sold.
*Cradle, was part of a student exhibition entitled, "Craft of Use." The show represents made work from seven graduate students who explored cultural sustainability under the instructor and eco-fashion designer, Lynda Grose. December 13-15 2017, at the California College of the Arts. Raquel designed and printed the promotional material for the showcase.
* Raquel designed digital products at GainLife, Harvard Launch Labs as an UX designer.