updated as of 05.18. 2018
*Raquel and Benner Boswell will release their work, 'Wasplates' at the SF Art Book Fair, July 20-22. 
*Raquel's work, 'Lunch Mass' will be on view at the California College of the Arts between 2018-2019. 
*Raquel, Alex Kozacheck, and Benner Boswell are working with Future Farmers during their exhibition at Yerba Buena Arts Center, April 20-August 12​​​​​​
*Raquel presented 'Wasplates' at the third annual Food Inno Symposium. This work was in collaboration with industrial designer, Benner Boswell.  
*Raquel's work, 'Lunch Mass' received the Curator's Award during the 2018 Commencement Exhibition at the California College of the Arts. The Design Division was curated by Barry Katz and Kim Bennet. 
*Raquel received her MFA Design degree from the California College of the Arts on May 12, 2018. 
*Raquel presented her Thesis at PRIMER 18, a Speculative Futures Conference, May 4
*Raquel collaborated with Monica Martinez of Don Bugito to create innovative edible insect-eating experiences. Raquel designed and produced the visual language and prototypes for table-setting that challenged consumers to interact differently with the future of food. The pop up dinner took place on February 08, 2018 at the O2 Artisans Aggregate. 34/40 tickets were sold.