Raquel Kalil is a designer in San Francisco who is currently creating digital products at GainLife, Harvard Launch Labs. She is also working on her MFA Design thesis at the California College of the Arts.

Raquel's design practice weaves architectural and interaction methodologies with graphic sensibility in order to create holistic systems for brands, products, and installations. She embraces both research and intuitive experimentation which allows her process to have a critical lens about how and where design intervenes, provokes, educates and delights people. 
Before her transition into Design, Raquel excelled as a business leader at Nordstrom and Anthropologie while running her landscape art studio in Miami. 
These experiences, including her undergraduate degree in Architecture and the German Language, continues to play a foundational role in Raquel's hybrid practice.
Type of Work
Information Design — User Experience Design— User Interface Design — Research — Art Direction —Code Art—Interactive Installations—Speculative Design

View her work experience: Linkedin /  Resume
Contact kalil.raquel@gmail.com
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